Pyramid and Lake Tahoe Areas - This gallery contains photographs taken at or near Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe.  Select Thumbnail for Full View

pyramid lake sand dune frost
Frost on Dune Pyramid Lake

Lake Tahoe Morning
pyramid lake 
Pyramid Under Clouds

Evening at the Bar
Lake Tahoe
pyramid lake winter 
Winter Pyramid lake
Stormy Pyramid Lake

Pyramid & Anaho Islands
Storm Pyramid Lake

Reflection Mt. Tallac
Lake Tahoe Storm

Pyramid Lake Trees 
Sunrise over Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe
Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe
Zypher Cove Lake Tahoe winter snow on beach
Zypher Cove Lake Tahoe

Sand Dune Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake Morning 
Tree at Tamarack Beach Pyramid Lake Dawn 
Winter at Upper Trout Creek, South Lake Tahoe
Trout Creek South
Lake Tahoe 
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