Rorschach Inkblots -  Rorschach was an Austrian psychiatrist around 1900 who developed an analysis technique to evaluate the mental states in patients from cards he drew.  Some drawings contained color, which I tend towards (I wonder what that says about me.) others were just shades of gray.  This gallery presents pictures developed from photographs taken in the environment to emulate the concept behind his inkblots.  Select Thumbnail for Full View

Rorschach 2134
rorschach inkblot nature
Rorschach 5176
rorschach inkblot nature
Rorschach  0114

Rorschach-5 6104

Rorschach 8511
rorschach inkblot photography taken from nature
Rorschach 0025

Rorschach 9890+9891

Rorschach 2963

Rorschach 2550

Rorschach- 0695

Rorschach-16 3586

Rorschach 7304

Rorschach-13 5648
rorschach inkblots photograph nature
Rorschach 4071
rorschach inkblots nature photograph
Rorschach 0030

Rorschach-2 0050

Rorschach- 6104

Rorschach 4540 

Rorschach-4 2892

Rorschach 0326
Rorschach 2183

Rorschach 2033
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