Rome Trastevere Bicycle Italy
NEW - Missing Wheel in Rome

NEW - Praying at Hadrian's Mausoleum
Rome Ostia Antica Ruins
NEW - Walkway at Ostia Antica, Rome
Fishing Boat Montery Bay Fisherman's Warf Old
NEW - Retired Fishing Boat in Montery

NEW - Palermo's Arab Influence
craters of the moons, idaho, cloudy day, lava
Trees and Vegetation at Craters of the Moon, Idaho
Evening Clouds, Kodiak Island, Uganick lake, moon, clouds, Alaska
Evening Clouds and Trees on Kodiak Island, Alaska
duck, pond, Ashland, Oregon, modern art, camouflage
Camouflaged Duck on an Ashland, Oregon, Pond  - Modern Art
Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, Sunset, Four Peaks, desert
On the Way to Roosevelt Lake, Arizona
Montana, Paradise Valley, irrigating, field, clouds
Irrigating a Field in Pardise Valley, Montana
Gila River, Arizona, sunset
Sunset on the Gila River, Arizona
montana paradise valley pole fence
A Paradise Valley Morning, Montana
ashland oregon madron tree oregon
A Madrone Tree in Ashland, Oregon
craters of the Moon, volcano lava idaho
Lava & Dead Tree at Craters of the Moon, Idaho
irrigating field, pasture, Paradise Valley, Montana
Irrrigating a Pasture in Paradise Valley, Montana
Four Peaks, Arizona, Roosevelt Lake, sunset
Four Peaks on the Way to Roosevelt Lake, Arizona
Montery Beach, Canery Row, California, sundown, sunset pacific ocean
Beach at Canery Row, Monterey
fisherman's warf montery california pacific ocean
Fisherman's Warf, Montery
Photographing Seals at Montery
OTHER PLACES - This gallery of pictures contains photographs taken at localities other than Nevada.  Currently it contains photographs taken in Arizona, Alaska, Montana, Italy , and Oregon.
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