Introduction - The first trip  appearing in the journal was to take pictures from a ridge above Burning Man, a similar trip was taken last year with my friend Rich Schweickert (a geologist).  I’ve used photographs previously taken along the route since I didn’t stop to take any others along the way. If you know nothing about Burning Man it is an event held each summer at the end of August in the Black Rock Desert attended for a week by some 50,000 people. They "camp out", build fantastic artistic structures and do nefarious things (Look Burning Man up on the internet to see some of the structures and activities.). The photographs I took of the event was from a ridge above the festivities. I didn't attend the event. If you have been on an alkali lake bed or seen vehicles and people at the end of the event (they look rather ghostly with the accumulated dust), you know why I wouldn't catch me dead there.

Burning Man 2013, View of Black Rock and King Lear's Peak
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