Nevada Countryside presents photographs of Nevada' geology, vegetation, and some historical sites.

Dixie Valley Shed Great Basin Desert Nevada homestead
Shelves in Shed
Aspen Grove Winnemucca Water Canyon sunstar Great Basin desert Nevada
Aspen Grove-2 
Lake Range Winnemucca Lake Great Basin Desert Lake Lahonton Nevada
Old Shorelines Lake Lahonton
Autumn Nevada Rabbit Brush Stillwater Range Dixie Valley Great Basin Desert
Nevada Autumn
Silica Dome Valley of Fire Las Vegas Great Basin desert Nevada rock formations Virgin Mountains
Slica Dome Valley of Fire
Aspen Grove sun star Nevada Great Basin Desert
Aspen Grove-1
Stillwater Range Nevada Great Basin desert cottonwood tree autumn desert stream creek
Autumn Cottonwood Creek
Sunset The Sump Monte Cristo Range petrified wood tree Great Basin Desert Nevada rock formation
Sunset at The Sump

Another Nevada Road Stop
Valley of Fire Nevada Las Vegas geology formation great basin desert
Another Nevada Tourist
forest fire Nevada Great Basin Desert burned vegetation
Burned Country
Blue Mass Nevada Great Basin Desert Dragon's Head granite rock formation
Dragon's Head Blue Mass
moon rise burning man black rock desert nevada great basin
Moon Rise Over Burning Man
Merritt mountain evening view idaho nevada great basin
Evening View Towards Idaho from Merritt Mnt.
pony express station smokey skies nevada great basin highway 50
Pony Express Station in Smokey Skies
Lamoille canyon lake ruby mountains nevada great basin
Lamoille Lake Early Morning
 Virginia City cemetery snow nevada great basin
Virginia City Cemetery
Emigrant Peak highways 95 hwy 6 under storm clouds with a rainbow nevada great basin.
Emigrant Peak
Slumbering Hills north of Winnemucca along highway 95 to Idaho tumble weed nevada great basin
Slumbering Hills Fence
Berlin Nevada is an old mining town and within Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park. great basin
Berlin Mining Camp
Volcanic ash formations in Monte Christo Range near Tonopah nevada great basin
Patterns Monte Christo Range
Barbed wire on corral fence in Dixie Valley Nevada great basin ranching cattle
Barbed Wire on Corral
Dollar Lake in Lamoille Canyon in Ruby Range Nevada great basin water
Dollar Lake Lamoille Canyon
Tree at Star Creek in Humboldt Range near Winnemucca Nevada great basin
Tree Star Creek
Dixie Valley fence line shadows across salt flats in Nevada tumbleweed great basin
Fence Line Shadows
Oboelisk Virginia City cemetery in snow Nevada great basin graveyard headstones 
Oboelisk in Virginia City Cemetery
Big Smokey Valley Nevada from Toquima range great basin fall autumn
Big Smokey Valley
Fence in Snow in Virginia City Nevada great basin 
Fence in Virginia City Cemetery
Grimes Point saltflats near Fallon Nevada Great Basin
Sunset Saltflats at Grimes Point
Virginia City Nevada under snow Great Basin graveyard cemetery
Virginia City
Sand Mountain sunset Nevada near Fallon Nevada Great Basin
Sand Mountain
Chimney Rock morning light East Humboldt Range Nevada Great Basin
Chimney Rock
Humboldt Salt Marsh Dixie Valley Nevada Great Basin
Humboldt Salt Marsh
Fireweed in Lamoille Canyon Ruby Mountains Nevada Great Basin
Lamoille Canyon
Ttrain heading towarde Palisade along Humboldt River Nevada Great Basin
Train Along Huboldt River
Wheeler Peak Great Basin National Park Nevada Ely aspen trees autumn fall
Wheeler Peak
Towards Pyramid Lake in winter snow Nevada Great Basin reno
Towards Pyramid Lake
Outhouse in Berlin Ichthyosaur state park Nevada Great Basin antique
No, it's an Antique
autumn color nevada cottonwood tree great basin homestead
Nevada Fall Colors
Barn and corral along Humboldt River Nevada Geat Basin highway 80
Old Barn
Tire tracks to Dixie Hotsprings near stillwater Range Nevada Great Basin desert
Tracks to Dixie Hotsprings
Outhouse and tree in Berlin Ichthyosaur state park Nevada great Basin recycling
Recycling in Berlin
Night view of Nevada back road Great Basin
Another Nevada Road
great basin national park road wheeler peak nevada great basin autumn aspen fall
Road to Wheeler Peak Great Basin National Park

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